Obama consolidating power

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Instead of honestly budgeting in order to finance health care, policymakers have repeatedly sanctioned monopolistic hospital markets in the hope that dominant providers will use higher revenues to cross-subsidize indigent and emergency care.

The purchasing power of the Medicare program has been increasingly employed by the federal government to shape the structure of the hospital industry, and its payment rates are deliberately designed to give incumbent general hospitals an advantage over less expensive specialty facilities.

system of collective rule." Frequent public appearances, Xi-themed books and artwork, and frequent references to "Papa Xi" in Chinese media and popular culture show how closely the leader has tied Communist Party rule to his own individual image and power.

According to a report published by The New York Times on Thursday, he's now taking things a step forward, with "China seems ominously eager to hide any economic weaknesses.

In late January, the head of China's National Bureau of Statistics was arrested shortly after giving a speech about how capital outflows threatened the country's economy.

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Furthermore, Chinese leaders believe that the “New Type of Great Power Relations” enables the two powers to establish a new code of conduct in line with China’s interests.With the law’s individual mandate, forcing most Americans to purchase health insurance regardless of cost, the power of insurers and providers to profit from a captive market is likely to increase even further.Since the beginning of the Republic, American presidents have vied with the other branches of government for power.And in times of war and national emergency, presidents have exercised heightened levels of authority – in some cases openly sidestepping the Constitution to do what they felt was necessary.In the larger battle for power, America's 43rd president, George W. What is different, say experts on presidential power, is that the open-ended nature of Mr.

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