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[Read: Abandonment issues and how it affects your relationship] #2 They are likely to be needy or clingy.When you are not around, they have a tendency to get anxious, which can come across as needy or clingy.Randy and Gayle moved to Alaska and Melanee and her husband Kev moved to Connecticut, but they continued to keep in touch with Christmas cards every year.When both spouses died, Melanee continued to send a Christmas card to Randy, and he reciprocated.For ten years I had been Julie Barth, then I hadn’t a clue who I was. Just like a child who has been maltreated or left, a widower often has abandonment issues clouding their ability to reason through the complexity of a relationship.These are the eleven hardships of dating a widower Not only is being a widower difficult, dating one can be very frustrating. Never wanting to feel the sting of losing someone or something, they react quickly and push people away. On any given day they can be angry, sad, guilt-ridden, or have an enormous amount of relationship anxiety.Never allowing themselves to become comfortable, you typically have no idea the things that lie underneath their smile. Just 34, we had four small children, and the youngest was only 12-months-old.

Being on the other end of this has given me a different set of eyes though...

Celebrating Megan's birthday and their wedding anniversary...

for the first time without her living, and spreading her ashes. To wake up on the day he married such a beautiful, courageous woman ten years ago, without her here.

At the age of 26, Abel Keogh unexpectedly found himself a young widower.

When he decided to starting dating again he looked in vain for resources that could help him guide him through the dating waters and open his heart to someone else. As he began blogging about his experiences, women dating widowers began emailing him asking for his thought on their situations.

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