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she has a very weak voice, and she has no emotion while singing like most other chinese singers. the only song i sort of like is Track 1, but even in this song her voice is nothing special. When I heard Stephy singing LIVE in JSG, the voice is different with the CD. stephy has been slowly improving her music and her vocals.past two cds.gave a more of a angelic voice which kinda annoyed me a bit b/c it wasn't sweet enough with her high-pitched squeeking this cd however.some improvement.i enjoy more tracks this time track 1 - outstanding..great into to the's not her typical style..a more of the broadway/musical style..a happy cheerful song..about a girl excited to go on her first date..wondering what she'll say.she'll do..stephy's voice here is nicely performed.the melody and music flow well together track 3 - perhaps another great song in her album..i love the original and the remix verison.original is on the slow side.a great piano builds up in the chorus and especially the end...a very catchy melody.greatly written lyrics - about a girl who got jealous of putting a couple hoping one day they'll break up and she can be together with the is overall different from the typical love gives a great spark.remix verison uses the slow melody but w/an edgy rock style.use of guitars and drums.also builds up the mood and the feeling of the song.from a the serious slow a heavy angry side track 5 - this track is from the same compose who wrote 'apple' in her fantasy cd..i love how she incoporate the chinese musical instruments into a lovely catchy canto pop's more on a happier side.the lyrics is pretty sad about a girl waiting for a guy to come back from his studies.hardly see each other..she's been waiting so long that she eventually forgot about him..lyrics also made references to a olden chinese made more flow with the instrucments track 9 - the lyrics written by a typical nice slow canto pop..karaoke catch has a good musical arrangements this is also one of the songs stephy doesn't squeek too much.her vocals are nicely performed is a lot better than her previous ones...i really enjoyed it and i really hope she can spark more of herself in the next album i have to admit, i might be the minority who thinks this, but stephy can't sing. Stephy still needs improvement with her LIVE performance. Overall, the CD is much better compare it with the previous albums that Stephy has released. I understand that these days technologies can make a difference between reality.A collection of love stories set in gorgeous Macau, Guia in Love offers picturesque scenery and moments of pleasant, star-driven romance.The title refers to the Chapel of Our Lady Guia, a historic Portuguese chapel and lighthouse where a bittersweet love triangle involving old friends Kai Kwong (Wilson Lam) and Ka Sing (Wan Yeung Ming) once played out over forty years ago.His daughter Debbie help him to run the hotel business.

電燈膽 (100 Watt) I heard Stephilosophy, which was nice and pleasant album...yeeeeeeeeeet, I wanted to hear better so I thought maybe her past albums would hold something like that. I agree with kdramafanatic when they say she has no emotion in her songs, no ups and downs. I just think she sounds very dull, very boring with no excitement - no expressions of anything! After listening to this album, I think that Stephy has improve over the year.

The Cookies take another big leap towards becoming perfect adults!

And even though their sounds haven 't reached the perfection to let them share the 1st class cabins together with the elite mega stars, they still offer lots of musical surprises that will make you listen up! Anyone who graduated and faced with a permanent departure from school would love this song.

Lily (Stephy Tang) and Sophie (Theresa Fu) are the only two girls in group of seven friends, who are all spending some downtime at Sophie's palatial island villa.

The gang plays a game of Truth or Dare where they ask the all-important question, "Who do you like?

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