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I think women are a little less likely to "look" overtly ADD at first. I think those are probably some of my more noticable "qualities".Most of us have gotten negative feedback in the past for acting the way we like to act. -Anty __________________ "There is an idea of a Patrick Bateman; some kind of abstraction.Tea or coffee was proposed four out of 10,000 times, wine or beer was proposed in four out of 10,000 messages, a meal or a bite was proposed an average of 1.7 times out of 10,000 messages, lunch was proposed an average of 1.1 out of 10,000 messages, and dinner was proposed an average of 0.7 out of 10,000 messages.Forty-nine percent of’s daters, however, said they like to “do something cultural” on a first date.Once a "normal guy" cancelled a weekend hiking trip because it called for rain. You just bought a bunch of expensive equipment including rain gear! It would be cool if they would research it and discover me too. Also, I recently found a fork in my washing machine. When in a resturant or somewhere where there is an extensive amount of stimuli, it is hard for me to stay focused on one thing.Otherwise, a normal guy would be hard to date if we constantly critisize eachother. ), but otherwise I've always hit it off best with ADD guys, especially the smart, funny, inattentive ones. On a lot of dates, when eating, men seem to think I am not paying attention to them because of this. Tinder is the most popular (55% of Brits have used it) followed by Plenty of Fish (41%).But other, more offbeat, apps are eating into the market share of mainstream apps as daters look for partners who can appreciate them for their more unique characteristics.

The week leading up to Valentine's Day is typically one of the busiest for online dating services — meaning if you're signing up or logging on in the next few days, it'll be harder than ever to stand out.

)I have dated normies since the beginning of starting out on "disater road of dating" and should I ever decide to date again I should want to find someone with ADD cause the men with ADD I have talked to are more understanding to what I am going through... I'd b e in heaven...maybe along with ADHD understanding their I could hopefully find someone strong enough to deal with the perks and quirks of Bipolar as well... I simply am not there." This is an interesting topic!

Hinge is launching a new feature today that lets users add video to their profiles.

I can’t just wish the pain away or sit out a few therapy sessions and have it magically go away.

The worst part about being like myself is being alone. I don’t just mean people with ADHD, I mean people with any disorder.

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