10 commandments dating lyrics

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Little Brandon saw this definition and thought drug dealing would be simple as pie.

So if you dont understand or think this should be deleted then you are either an asshole or the ud terrorist and his/her affiliates.

It's almost like the drug game is a trade school for aspiring rappers.

For I am your man, a funny man, And detest a scandal in public places. Thou shall not drink, or smoke, Nor use profane language, For those bad habits I will not stand for. Thou shall not commit adultery, For the world will not hold me guilty if I commit murder. Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's dress, Nor her shoes, nor her bureau, nor her bed, Nor her hat, nor anything that's hers.

Keep your family and business completely seperated. I've done my best to make this seem easy for even a yuppie to understand.

Of course I have omitted some of the lyrics for these "Commandments" to make sense.

I realized that if the “Ten Crack Commandments” could act as an anthem for the hustler, it should also be practical in the workplace.

And while Rap Genius does a great job of giving us the street-meaning of his bars, I feel as though there are more meaningful lessons we can take out of his lyrics. In fact, that's why you'll hear rappers refer to it as so.

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